The Museum Building of Trinity College Dublin

A model of Victorian craftsmanship

Arch - Trinity - Museum Building (Andrew Sheridan Photography)Andy Sheridan Photography

The Museum Building (1853-7) is a seminal work of Victorian architecture, long regarded as the first expression of Ruskinian principles in stone, and famous for its pioneering structural use of Irish marble. This website presents new research on the building’s architecture and stonework, visualised using 3D laser scans, 360 photography and photogrammetry. Visitors can see the building as never before, explore its interior, stonework, and the rich carvings of the O’Shea brothers, as well as read in-depth accounts of the widespread sources that served to inspire the architects, Deane, Son & Woodward. A short video describes the transformative use of Connemara and other Irish marbles in the building.

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