Marble Fabrication

Messrs. W. & W. Manderson
Killaloe Marble Works (Killaloe Heritage Centre Collection)

Killaloe Marble Works (Killaloe Heritage Centre Collection)

William Richard Manderson, dual proprietor of the Killaloe and Dublin Marble Works, supplied the polished stone for the Museum Building.  The initial Manderson marble enterprise, Messrs. W. & W. Manderson, comprised father, William Manderson (1781-1854), and son, William Richard Manderson (1805-1876).

30 September 1840. Limerick Chronicle. pp.3

Messrs. W. & W. Manderson leased the Killaloe Marble Works from Charles Wye Williams in 1840 and resided there fabricating marble, until Sheehan & Crotty commenced a contract of tenancy with Williams for the marble mill and yard in 1855.  By this time Messrs. Manderson were only occupying a stone yard, also leased from Williams, on the Canal Bank in the town of Killaloe, presumably used as a marble store and given its close proximity to the waterways enabled easy transport of the stone.

In addition to their lease on the Killaloe Marble Works, Messrs. W. & W. Manderson had established a workshop on 172 Great Brunswick Street, Dublin, by 1847 and it was from this premises that William Richard Manderson dealt with Messrs. Deane, Son, and Woodward and Messrs. Cockburn and Sons when supplying the Museum Building.

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